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2.8. Kanban board mode

Displaying tasks in the Kanban board mode provides an opportunity to look at the project execution process with an emphasis on the status of specific applied tasks (tasks that do not have subtasks), as well as the workload of the participants involved in it. When displaying user projects with the Staff role in the Chief-Staff relationship model (more on business models, see Section 3), Kanban Board mode is enabled by default. In other cases, it may be optional.

In this mode, unlike the classic way of displaying tasks in the form of a hierarchically structured plan, lower tasks are grouped into sections: Planned, Running, Paused and Completed - for tasks with corresponding statuses of the same name, as well as the Participants section, which displays information about all users related to the project displayed on the Kanban board or its branch (figure 2.8.A).

Рисунок 2.8.А. Режим Канбан-доски

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