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Chapter 3 Business Roles

3.1. Role models

Projects that the user manages with the help of the Program can be both individual and complexes of interrelated tasks solved with the participation of several users. Features of user participation in the project and how to manage them depend on his role in the project. The Program implements all the main role models of relations that arise between project participants:

3.2. Role Assignment

Roles are assigned automatically by the Program. In order for a user to acquire the role of Customer, Leader or Chief for any of his tasks, he must make a corresponding offer to another user or their group and receive confirmation. To become a Implementor, Team Member or Staff, you must receive a corresponding offer from another user and express your consent, or (for the Customer-Contractor relationship) offer a refinement of this offer. Users to whom it is necessary to address the proposal for execution and / or participation in the project are indicated in the corresponding lines of the task parameters table of the "Parameters" dialog box. This dialog box opens when you select the appropriate option in the "Data" section of the Main Menu (see paragraph 2.5).

After the relationships and roles of the corresponding business model have been established, an icon with the image of the Artist, Team or group of Employees will appear to the right of the bracket of the text field with the description of the project or task. Icons corresponding to execution models (Customer-Implementor, Chief-Staff models) are displayed in a round frame with a status label in the lower right corner of the icon. The icons of the management model (“Leader-Team” model) are in a rectangular frame without additional labels (Figure 3.2.A).

Figure 3.2.A. Agreement icons

If the user has defined both the Implementer and the Team for the task, then an icon with the Implementer's image in a round frame with the agreement status label will be displayed.

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