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3.3. Relationship Customer-Implementor

Preliminary formation of a proposal for the task is carried out by the Program automatically from the parameters of the task and its subtasks (hereinafter referred to as the main task of the proposal/agreement) for which a specific user is specified in the parameters in the "Implementor" line. In order for the proposed executor to be sent a proposal to complete the task, the user-customer needs to click on the Implementor icon opposite the task description to go to the agreement dialog box, check and, if necessary, clarify the points of the proposal, and confirm their relevance (Figure 3.3.A).

Figure 3.3.A. Agreement dialog

The agreement dialog box is used both when forming the initial proposal and when clarifying the agreement reached between the Customer and the Implementer and consists of the field for the name of the main task of the agreement (offer), a local menu button, an agreement table, and buttons for resetting and confirming changes. Depending on the user's role, the title of the dialog box will say "Your ordering" for the role "Customer" or "Your implementing" for the role "Implementer".

The agreement has an indicator - the status of the agreement, which, depending on the stage of the user's actions with the offer under the terms of the agreement, can take the following values with the corresponding labels:

It is necessary to understand the subjectivity of the status of the agreement. For example, if the user has just prepared an offer and sent it to the counterparty, then the status of the agreement will be set to “sent” for him, while this agreement will acquire the status of “received” for the counterparty.

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