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Chapter 4 Task States

4.1. Editing the State

Each task of the project, taking into account a number of restrictions described below, can be in one of several states, which are characterized by the following statuses:

The "Begin" and "Resume" actions propagate hierarchically up to parent tasks, while the "Pause" and "Finish" actions propagate downward to subtasks. If the subtask to which the action is applied from above has the “planned” status, then its status does not change, and the new action does not apply to its subtasks. For ease of remembering this rule - "starting pushes the head, and stopping slows down the tail." The number of days in which the task was in the "paused" status is summed up and defined as "idle days". Idle days counts towards the Program's determination of how late a task is to complete.

Viewing and editing the status of a task is carried out in the "Status" dialog box, which is available by clicking the status label in the task description field on the Title Bar or the title area of the Task Pane (Figure 4.1.A).

Figure 4.1.A. Status Dialog

The Status dialog box includes the following fields: