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6.3. Reminder marks and calendar notes

A cell with a number in the calendar grid can contain reminder marks for follow-up dates (absolute start and end dates for tasks, absolute or relative to the task check date) and calendar notes. Depending on the type, tags are displayed with the following icons:

Clicking on the watchdog date reminder mark expands a list of reminders related to that date and the type of option you selected. Possible actions with such a list are described in paragraph 5.2 "Reminders".

If you click on a calendar note mark, an additional area will appear in the "Calendar" dialog box with a list of existing calendar notes corresponding to the selected day, the ability to edit, add and delete them. markers of various types and the view of the calendar notes editing area are illustrated in Figure 6.3.A

Figure 6.3.A. Reminder marks and calendar notes

Each calendar note contains two editable options:

If a month, quarter or year is set as the period and the number of days in the month in which the reminder should occur is less than the date of the note's initial setting, then the reminder will be made on the last day of this month. If the period is not set, the calendar note reminder will be executed on the set day without repeating on other days.

Signaling about the presence of reminders of calendar notes at a set time with a specified repetition period and their display are carried out in the order described in paragraph 5.2 "Reminders".

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