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Chapter 8 Virtual Storage

8.1. Storage connection

The functionality of "virtual storage" is designed to exchange files between users of the Program. Downloading files "attached" using the "virtual storage" is available to all team members and contractors (customer and / or performers) related to the corresponding project, task and status of their execution according to the logic of the project management system.

ATTENTION! The functionality of "virtual storage" is experimental, and its performance is provided by third-party cloud storage software solutions. Therefore, use only cloud storages that DO NOT contain data of critical safety value that require protection from accidental deletion or damage. To protect against unauthorized access to information contained in files placed in cloud storages, take measures to prevent / hinder unauthorized access to such information. For example, put files in a password-protected archive beforehand.

To start using "virtual storage", you need to select the "Storage" option in the Main menu in the "System" section. In the dialog box that appears (Figure 8.1.A), you must specify the name of the storage, select the technology, and enter the values of the required access parameters. How to obtain access parameters for a technology compatible with the Program is detailed in Appendix No. 1 to this manual.

Figure 8.1.A. Connecting virtual storage

Connecting cloud storage allows you to “attach” a file to the corresponding status of a project or task (the “Attach” option) and share its content with users associated with this project or task. The procedure for obtaining the ability to attach files is shown in Figure 8.2.A.

Figure 8.2.A. File interaction

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